Labour Board Certifies Vote Results

On March 23, 2010 a majority of Graduate TAs and TFs voted in favour of joining PSAC. Of the 807 ballots counted 454 were cast in favour of the Union. The Ontario Labour Relations Board reviewed 8 complaints filed following the representation vote and ruled that the issues raised in these complaints did not constitute sufficient grounds to order a new vote.  In addition the Labour Board has found that the employer could not resile from its agreement following the vote wherein the employer signed a Certification Worksheet agreeing to the vote results. The results are now final, a certificate will issue to PSAC, Graduate TAs and TFs will be able to form their own Local. The initial steps of forming a bargaining committee to prepare bargaining demands have begun following a membership meeting on April 19, 2010. The time has come to unite to build a strong Local and reach a good agreement for all Graduate TAs and TFs at Queen’s!

Labour Board Decision:

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