10 July 2010 – Peaceful Protest Calling for a G20 Public Inquiry

Communities across Canada are joining together on 10 July 2010 to denounce the trampling of civil liberties, illegal searches, police brutality, the deplorable conditions of the temporary detention centre, and the unprecedented arrest of over 900 peaceful demonstrators during the 21-27 June G20 summit demonstrations.

Demonstrate your opposition to the excessive use of police force and the exceptional curtailment of civil liberties. Demand an independent public inquiry.

Meet with peaceful protestors at McBurney (Skeleton Park) at 1pm on Saturday 10 July 2010 and stand in solidarity with those who believe we must protect our civil liberties.

For more information, join the facebook page
Please distribute widely – we are all counting on your networks and support to make this event a success.

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