“Managing Conflict Professionally”: Expanding Horizons Workshop

Managing Conflict Professionally: Solutions & New Resources for Graduate TAs and TFs

In an ideal world, all interactions between Teaching Assistants (or Fellows) and professors would go smoothly, with clear and reasonable expectations on both sides and consistently strong communication. However, as TAs and TFs, we may sometimes run into conflicts with the professors we work for, or even our colleagues. This workshop will focus on how to professionally approach (and avoid) such conflicts in a manner that protects our interests and future careers. Our discussion will focus on conflict-managing strategies including new resources for conflict management available through the union: a formal grievance procedure as a last resort, and a union rep who we can feel comfortable going to with questions and concerns.

Hosted by: Centre for Teaching & Learning
Presented by: Tim McIntyre, Mike Pathak & Kassy Wayne, PSAC Local 901 (TA/TF Union)
Register online at: http://www.queensu.ca/ctl/community/students/workshop_series/winter11/registration.php

January 19, 2011
B176 Mackintosh Corry, Seminar Room
4:00 – 5:30 pm


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