**Call for Nominations**

PSAC local 901 Calls for Nominations for Executive and Non-Executive Officers

Are you interested in running for an Executive or non-Executive position in the local?

Here’s some things to consider:

You must be a member in good standing to run and hold an Executive or non-Executive position.

If you are interested in running for a position, please send us an email (psac901@gmail.com) with the following:
1. Name, department, employment position
2. Position you would like to run for
3. In 500 words, or less, please outline why you’re running for the postion, any previous experience you have, and the plans you have for the local.

The nomination deadline is 11 April 2011, after which time Nominees will be posted on the website and an all-candidates meeting with the membership will be called. Elections for the positions will take place at the next AGM (26 April).

Here’s an overview of the six Executive, and three non-Executive positions (for a detailed overview of each position, please consult our bylaws at www.psac901.org, or email us at psac901@gmail.com):

Executive Officers:

  1. The President: the chief executive officer of and primary spokesperson for the Local.
  2. VP Community Relations: responsible for developing and maintaining contacts with other organizations, unions, associations, and labour councils within the University and in broader communities.
  3. Secretary: chiefly responsible for records, information, and communications.
  4. Treasurer: the chief financial officer of the Local
  5. Chief Steward: be the Grievance Officer for the local responsible for developing and maintaining a strong steward network.
  6. Equity Officer: a self-identified member of one, or more, of the five equity-seeking groups recognized by Ontario (women; racialized persons; people with disability; Aboriginal persons; or LGBTTQ persons) who is responsible for addressing equity issues within the University, and in broader communities.

Non-Executive Officers:

  1. Moderator: the chair for General Meetings and Stewards’ Council Meetings of the Local.
  2. Chief Returning Officer: responsible for ensuring all elections procedures are properly conducted.
  3. Occupational Health and Safety Officer: attend, participate at, and report at and on University Occupational Health and Safety Committee meetings.

Call for Member Participation

Are you looking to plug-in? Here are some ways you can get involved with your local. Whether you’re looking to learn more about health and safety; or work on social justice projects at Queen’s or in the broader Kingston community; or, yet still, looking to take on an advocacy role as a department rep or steward: there’s something for everyone. Here are just a few ways (to learn more, please email us at psac901@gmail.com):

  1. Attend 901 events
  2. Speak to a local rep about union processes and TA/TF working conditions
  3. Write a piece for “The 901 Bite”
  4. Become a department rep or steward for your department
  5. Join, or start, a Committee (e.g. Health and Safety; Women’s; Social Justice; Flying Squad)
  6. Become a 901 delegate that attends and reports on meetings of the Kingston and District Labour Council (KDLC); PSAC Kingston Area Council; and PSAC Kingston Regional Women’s Committee.
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