May Day (International Workers’ Day) 2011

An ad-hoc May Day Collective invites you to May Day 2011:

Let’s bring back the spirit of May Day, the original Labour Day recognizing the Haymarket radical activists of 1886 who revolutionized the labour movement and fought for the eight-hour work day. Our real power lies in our neighbourhoods, our workplaces, and our streets —not in their ballot boxes. With four federal elections in seven years,  it’s clear to us that “Politics” is a spectator sport. Let’s vote with our feet and march in the spirit of May Day; that is, the spirit of resistance. Regardless of who wins the election, what matters far more is our own capacity to take power back for ourselves and for our communities. From trade unions to anti-poverty organizations to anti-racist coalitions, you are all groups in Kingston doing the necessary work to create lasting and meaningful change for ordinary people, and we hope you will take this opportunity to make yourselves better known to each other and to the Kingston public.

On May 1st, 2011, we intend to feed everyone with a free BBQ in Douglas Fluhrer Park, and then march, walk, bike, skate, or wheel through downtown Kingston, finishing at Market Square. Join us on April 19th to learn more and discuss how your organization can be involved with the BBQ or incorporated into the route. Come with ideas for spots in downtown Kingston (south of Bay, North of Johnson, West of the River, East of Division) your organization might like to take over the megaphone and speak about. If you are unable to attend this meeting, please consider endorsing this event, offering material support, and/or encouraging your members to show up!

Let’s reach out and come together in solidarity against the imperial capitalist system and all forms of oppression, for a better world rooted in grassroots democracy, co-operative economics, ecological sustainability and social equality. Let’s put movement back into the movement!

In solidarity,
an ad-hoc may day collective

May Day Kingston 2011 Poster

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