PSAC 901 Bargaining Team Recommends New Memorandum of Settlement: Notice of Ratification Meeting

For the full Memorandum of Settlement, which will become our first binding Collective Agreement once ratified by our membership, please click here for all articles

PSAC 901 Bargaining Update #8, and Meeting Notice

After two long days of negotiations this past Wednesday and Thursday, May 11 and 12, 2011, your 901 Bargaining Team agreed to, and is now unanimously recommending, the Memorandum of Settlement between PSAC local 901 and Queen’s University.

Additional exciting news:
After a late negotiation session on Thursday, a few members of the Bargaining Team, along with other 901 delegates, headed to Toronto to participate in PSAC Ontario Triennial Convention. 901 delegates to Convention made history and elected a position giving a voice for all unionized university workers at PSAC Ontario, which will help build the university sector in the labour movement.

Your Bargaining Team will hold two Ratification meetings on 24 May 2011 to provide members the opportunity both to ask questions about the terms of the Memorandum of Settlement and vote on it.  After members ratify the Memorandum of Settlement, it will be signed by both Bargaining Teams and will become our first new binding Collective Agreement.

Details of the Ratification General Membership Meetings (two meetings in one day to accommodate membership availability throughout the day):

Date:              Tuesday 24 May 2011
Location:       Wallace Hall, JDUC
Times:            Meeting 1: 12pm-2pm
                        Meeting 2: 4pm-6pm

You must be a member of the Bargaining Unit to attend and vote on the Memorandum of Settlement. A member of the Bargaining Unit is a graduate student who currently holds a Teaching Assistantship and/or Teaching Fellowship, or has held an appointment in the previous two terms (Fall 2010 or Winter 2011).

Below are the highlights of the Memorandum of Settlement your 901 Team has agreed to recommend.

Memorandum of Agreement Highlights

  1. Three (3) Year Collective Agreement that shall be in effect from May 1 2010 to April 30, 2013.
  1. Wages – (Please note *a & b)

                   TA Current Hourly Rate   $36.40

2010          1.25%                           $36.86
2011          1.25%                           $37.32
2012          1.5%                              $37.88

TF Current Stipend                     $6987.00

2010         4.7%          $7315.00  (includes withdrawal of TF Unfair Labour                                                                                      Practice Complaint)
2011          1.25%         $7406.00
2012          1.5%           $7518.00
*a      Letter of Agreement RE Wages – annual increases will no longer be offset by reductions in other sources of funding for the life of this collective agreement
*b     2010 increases exclude retroactivity and increases commence September 1, 2011 for TAs and TFs.

3.      TF Stipend Rate Adjustment (in addition to above stipend):

  •    Additional 10% on stipend rate where a half course in a Unit includes additional class/lab/tutorial/seminar hours above the regular three contact hours.
  •    Additional 12.5% on stipend rate for course enrollment of 100+ students.
  1. Benefits:
  • $100,000 annual payment from Queen’s University commencing September 2011 for benefits.
  1. Service and Facilities:
  •   140 paid hours per Term over (3) Terms per Academic Year for Collective Agreement administration.
  • Office space on main campus with the following services at standard internal user rates: telephone, Internet, and reprographic services subject to the protocols determined by the Employer for internal users.
  1. Other: Language for Hours of Work, Appointments, Grievance & Arbitration, and Equity Group statistics reporting etc.

Local 901 Negotiations Team,
MaryAnne Laurico
Sean Field
Christo Aivalis
Dave Thompson
Ursula Thorley
Aaron Ettinger
Lorraine Diaper, PSAC Regional Representative
Shawn Vincent, PSAC Research Officer
Kim L. Beemer, PSAC Ontario Regional Negotiator
16 May 2011

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