Help postdocs at UWO get their first contract!

A group of 35 workers at the University of Western Ontario needs your help today.

Postdoctoral Associates at UWO been trying to negotiate a first collective agreement for two whole years and negotiations have stalled once again. They are being offered a mere $10.93 an hour – that’s only 68 cents above minimum wage for highly trained academics with PhDs!

The university does not want to give them benefits or a reasonable number of sick days. Postdocs have the worst working conditions on campus – their hourly wages are lower than student teaching assistants, housekeepers and clerks.

After spending more than a decade earning at least three academic degrees, these workers deserve fair treatment and reasonable compensation.

In Solidarity,
PSAC Toronto Regional Office
90 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite 608
Toronto, ON   M4P 2Y3
Phone:  416-485-3558
Fax: 416-485-8607

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