Cuts Hurt Us All: A Message from OPSEU 468

Information Picket: To highlight the drastic cut of over 2000 workers in the Ontario Public Service. In Canada right now, Corporations have over 471 billion dollars in CASH! Does Ontario need to give them 2.4 billion dollars more in tax cuts at the expense of your community?
WHO ARE THESE WORKERS? WE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO: Protect your health card from fraud • Protect our air, land, water, forests, fish and wildlife • Ensure day cares are safe for children • Keep unsafe trucks off the road • Deliver safe water to your tap • Dispatch ambulances to emergencies • Help the disabled live with dignity • Assist with hundreds of job training programs • Secure violent offenders • Keep contaminated meat out of the food supply • Investigate workplace accidents • Keep long‐term care residents safe and secure • Monitor contractors who fix our bridges and roads • Answer all government inquiries • Prepare and process DNA orders for criminal charges • Process divorces, restraining orders, and court orders for child and spousal support • Renew drivers’ licenses • Help children and youth with complex mental health needs • Preserve important historical sites and natural wonders • Keep you safe by monitoring offenders in the community
Any cuts to public services will make our communities less safe, less healthy and weaken our economy.
When: July 15th, from 11:30am to 1pm
Where: John Gerretsen’s , Constituency Office
303 Bagot Street, Suite #2 ‐ LaSalle Mews Plaza

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