Agenda For September 21st Steward Council Meeting, 17:30-19:00

  1. Approval of Agenda
  2. Introductions from Chief Steward, Assistant Chief Steward, and other executive members
  3. Quick Introductions from the floor
  4. Local 901 committees and Other opportunities for PSAC/ Union involvement
  5. The functions and goals of the steward council explained
  6. The importance of the collective agreement
  7. Required training for steward council members and schedule of events
  8. Collective Agreement mini workshop
  9. Experiences from orientation week and how to best reach out to members
  10. Election of Steward Council Minute Taker
  11. Next meeting date
  12. Closing remarks


We will also have various signup sheets for training events, committees, getting a free steward’s package and other ways to get involved

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