PSAC 901 Steward Council Agenda and Callout for October 19th, 2011

Our names are Christo Aivalis and Doug Nesbitt, and we are the PSAC 901 Chief Steward and Assistant Chief Steward, respectively. As you likely know, PSAC 901 represents graduate student Teaching Assistants and Fellows here at Queen’s.

Stewards represent TAs/TFs in their department of work by ensuring that the workplace is safe and by ensuring that the employer respects the collective agreement regarding how your colleagues are treated in terms of pay, job appointments, hours of work, and many other factors. Stewards are both the front line in union service and activism, and are an essential conduit between the general membership and the executive.

We are asking that all those interested in serving as a departmental steward for our union come to the Steward Council meeting on October 19th from 5:00-6:30PM; Room 344 in the John Deutsch University Centre (the room is tentatively booked, but the time/date is confirmed) Below is the proposed agenda for the meeting

  1. Quorum Check
  2.  Approval of Last Meeting’s (21st September) Minutes
  3. Quick Introductions for New Members
  4. Updates/News From Everyone
  5. Current TA/TF Issues In Your Departments
  6. Getting Committees Up and Running (Flying Squad, Strategic Research Committee, Grievance Committes, Other Committees)
  7. Thoughts on the October 13th General Meeting
  8. Ideas/Experiences for Engaging Members in Your Department (The importance and Strategy of Departmental Rounds)
  9. New Business
  10. Next Meeting Date

We are especially seeking participation that would make our stewards’ council more diverse and representative. In this regard, we strongly encourage engagement from TAs/TFs in the pure and applied sciences, International Student TA/TFs, and people who self-identify as being a member of a PSAC equity-seeking group (Women, Racially Visible Persons, Persons with Disabilities, Aboriginal Persons, and GLBT Persons)

We, along with the rest of the 901 executive, would love to see you there next Wednesday! If you have any questions at all, you can check our website ( or you can email Christo Aivalis at or Doug Nesbitt at

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